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Who am I ?

My name is Patrick Blanchette and creating world and stories is my passion. Welcome
to my website where you will get an overview of my work as a 2D Generalist who specializes
in Storyboarding.

I am the creator of Dreamland Dawn a mystery-adventure graphic novel series and original IP, for kids ages 8 and up, published by Adventure Press, the largest comic publisher in Quebec.

I also have
5 years of experience as a Storyboard Artist and Storyboard Revisionist. I worked
for various studios across Canada (Atomic Cartoon Vancouver and Ottawa, Big Jump Entertainment, Smiley Guy Studios, Couleur.TV, Singing Frog Studios and Oasis Animation)

As well as
slightly more than a year experience as a 2D animator, having started my career working of Tangled the TV Series from DIsney, animated by Mercury Filmworks in Ottawa.

I am an hard working, efficient and reliable artist, with strong draftmanship, storytelling, posing, compostion and coloring skills. I've been drawing 50 hours+ a week for more than a decade and I am available for work. I look forward to lending you or your company, my talents!


Click to order the book directly from the publisher website:


Or order it from your local library:

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