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Storyboarding Work

I started doing storyboard professionally in 2019. Since 2020 however, I've jungled storyboard contracts along with producing my comicbook

series ''Dreamland Dawn''. Here you'll find some exemple of my storyboarding work in with video excerpt and PDF samples. At the bottom,
find a few recommendation letters from previous employers.

Demoreel - Storyboard

In March 2024, I began to turning Dreamland Dawn Vol.1 into a storyboard as a way to

showcase my current level of Storyboarding ability. In 2023, using money I had managa to put aside and with the occasional contract to visit classes in Elementary Schools as an author and give art classes, I manage to spend the year working full time on the comic. As I am now returning to the job market, I thought that making this pilot would demonstrate that my level
of skill kept improving, even as I worked on the comic. I will update this project as more of
the storyboard gets done.

DreamlandDawn 2024-2-06.jpg

In 2021, I had the chance to work on my first CG production as a Storyboard Revisionist
I would clean up thumbnail, apply changes the client requested to board, sometime redrawing entire section of scenes. My sketching skills improved a lot during this period. I've put

some exemple of quick sketches done for the show during this period underneath.

Practice PWP-1-9.jpg
Practice PWP-1-7.jpg
Practice PWP-1-8.jpg
Practice PWP-2-3.jpg

In 2020 some sitcoms decided to temporarily switch to an animated format due
to complications brought about by the COVID-19 Pandemic. As such, This project schedule
was compressed and the deadline were shorter than usual.


Blackish 702 Election Special SEQ11-0000

This was a series of short for a webseries. The contract was 10 episodes. I had to turn scripts into full Storyboard/Animatics. The Challenge was that the budget was very restrictive and so could only use a single large background which I had to adjust to creatively make the most
out of.


Cool kids EP 02-0036-02.jpg

I began at Big Jump as a Clean-Up storyboard Artist but began doing full storyboard on
another show ''Wolf Joe'' on top of my work on Trailer Park Boys while I was there.
Wolf Joe is still under NDA. I have also worked on TPB season 3 in 2020 but the project

was put on hiatus midway throught production as Netflix didn't renew the show.


TPB2 204 SEQ22-24-23-1-23.jpg
FIFF 407 thumb-035-06.jpg

F is for Family season 4 was my first professional storyboarding gig after a year working as
a 2D Animator at Mercury Filmworks on Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure. 


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