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Trailer Park Boys Season 2 - Clean-up Storyboard Artitst - Big Jump Entertainment - 2019

In August of 2019 I applied for this position and temporarily moved to Ottawa. While
there, I requested, that they let me try my hands and at full storyboarding. I ended up working 80 hours a week on two shows at once for a little while. The other show is Wolf Joe which is a adventure preschool show that is still under NDA. When Trailer Park Boys ended, I went back down to 40 hours and kept working on Wolf Joe.


The following year I have also worked on TBP season 3. The production started early and sadly, the project was put on an indefinite hiatus when Netflix didn't renewed the show.


The original live action TPB series is shot in the style of a mockumentary, so the challenge was to translate this style for the animated show. All of the shots had to be designed as if a cameraman was filming. That means shoulder height and a lot of over the shoulder shots.

Episode 204 SEQ 22-24

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