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FanArts Inktober Week 1

A friend of mine decided to do her Inktober all about Dreamland Dawn. She agreed to

let me share her work here as well. So I will make a post for every week of the month! Please go visit her Twitter and give her your support :

FanArt-01 Theme: Ring

FanArt-02 Theme: Mindless

FanArt03 - Theme: Bait

FanArt04 - Theme: Freeze

FanArt05 - Theme: Build

FanArt06 - Theme: Husky

FantArt07(1/4) - Theme: Enchanted

Fantart07(2/4) - Theme: Enchanted

FanArt07(3/4) - Theme: Enchanted

FanArt07(4/4) - Theme: Enchanted

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